The Clubhouse of Lehigh County

The Mission of the Clubhouse

Our mission is to offer persons with mental illness a safe and healing environment wherein each person is given the opportunity to explore their personal and vocational potentials to their fullest and to receive support in achieving their goals.

About Our Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse consists of three units. These units manage the daily functions of the Clubhouse. Our units are the Holistic Health and Hospitality Unit, the Member Services Unit, and the Business and Technology Unit. The main responsibilities of the Holistic Health and Hospitality Unit are our kitchen and maintenance of the building. Members who work in this unit prepare lunch everyday, plan the menu, order the food, manage and run the Clubhouse snack bar. This unit is also responsible for the cleaning and maintaining the inside and outside of the building, caring for our plants, and running the front desk.

The Business and Technology Unit unit is responsible for communications, data management, education, and employment. Members who work in this unit produce a monthly newsletter, assist in completing our billing, update our website, create power point presentations, manage and create our daily blurb and e-blurb. The member services unit is our newest unit. Members who work in this unit partner with staff to outreach to our membership and the community, market the Clubhouse, fundraising, and plan activities for Thursday nights and Saturdays.

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Clubhouses welcome individuals, regardless of ability and diagnosis, into an environment that promotes care, respect, and fair treatment.