The Clubhouse of Lehigh County

The Mission of the Clubhouse

Our mission is to offer persons with mental illness a safe and healing environment wherein each person is given the opportunity to explore their personal and vocational potentials to their fullest and to receive support in achieving their goals.

About Our Clubhouse

The Clubhouse of Lehigh County is an accredited Clubhouse from Clubhouse International.  Following the model developed by Fountain House in New York City during the 1940s, our Clubhouse members with a place to come, meaningful work, meaningful relationships, and a place to return. We are made up of two units that complete a work-ordered day which essentially manages the daily functions of the Clubhouse. Although the work that is completed at the Clubhouse is not intended to be skill building, members have many different opportunities develop new abilities or refine aspects of their life while building relationships that will transcend the walls of the Clubhouse which will assist that individual to return to the community. Click this link to learn more about the Clubhouse model.

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Clubhouses welcome individuals, regardless of ability and diagnosis, into an environment that promotes care, respect, and fair treatment.