Employee Title Extension Email
Christopher Stout Director 202 cstout@yourgoodwill.org
Susan Debski  BTU Clubhouse Unit Manager and Placement Manager 204 sdebski@yourgoodwill.org
Michelle McCullagh 3H Clubhouse Unit and Employment Manager 205 mmccullagh@yourgoodwill.org
Flor Lopez Culinary Clubhouse Unit and Culinary Manager 206 flopez@yourgoodwill.org
Kory Prehl Clubhouse Activities Assistant 208 kprehl@yourgoodwill.org
Jolene Barham BTU Clubhouse Unit and Placement Manager 210 jbarham@yourgoodwill.org
Clubhouse Extension Email
Clubhouse Front Desk 201 cluboflc@ptd.net
CLC TV Studio 209 cluboflc@ptd.net
Clubhouse Library 212 cluboflc@ptd.net
Clubhouse OVR Room 213 cluboflc@ptd.net
Christopher Stout
Title: Director
Extension: 202
Email: cstout@yourgoodwill.org
Susan Debski
Title: Clubhouse Young
Adult Career Navigator
Extension: 203
Email: sdebski@yourgoodwill.org
Paula Marek
Title: Clubhouse Young
Adult Unit Manager
Extension: 204
Email: pmarek@yourgoodwill.org
Cynthia Phillips
Title: Clubhouse Unit
and Employment Manager
Extension: 205
Email: cphillips@yourgoodwill.org
Flor Lopez
Title: Clubhouse Unit
and Culinary Manager
Extension: 206
Email: flopez@yourgoodwill.org
Kory Prehl
Title: Clubhouse Activities
Extension: 208
Email: kprehl@yourgoodwill.org
Jolene Barham
Title: Clubhouse Unit Manager,
Clubhouse of Lehigh County
Extension: 210
Email: jbarham@yourgoodwill.org
Clubhouse Front Desk
Extension: 201
Email: cluboflc@ptd.net
CLC TV Studio
Extension: 209
Email: cluboflc@ptd.net
Clubhouse Library
Extension: 212
Email: cluboflc@ptd.net
Clubhouse OVR Room
Extension: 213
Email: cluboflc@ptd.net