About Us

Clubhouse of Lehigh County first opened its doors in February 1999 under the auspice of a collaboration of Good Shepherd, Haven House and The Conference of Churches. Until a permanent residence could be found, the clubhouse set up house in the basement of Dubb’s United Church of Christ.

Though the membership grew to a total of 53 that first year, the collaboration proved to be impractical and a deterrent to the growth of the clubhouse. As a result, it was disbanded and the Lehigh County Office of Mental health reissued a contract to Good Shepherd Work Services, making it the sole auspice of our clubhouse.

On April 25, 2000, Clubhouse of Lehigh County reopened at the Dubbs United Church of Christ. With this, Good Shepherd proceeded to complete the renovations on a property at 1437 Gordon Street. On January 29, 2001, staff and membership proudly took residence in our permanent house. By the time of our official Open House celebration in May 2001, membership had grown to 100.

With our reopening came a re-dedication to the Clubhouse model and an unstoppable commitment to be the very best. With the full support of Goodwill Keystone Area and the Lehigh County Office of Mental Health, Clubhouse of Lehigh County views this self-study as a major step toward our growth and accomplishment of our goals.

Our Important Milestones

January 1999 – Clubhouse sends 2 staff and 1 member (“Super” Sue H., Cheryl G., and Martin L) to Colleague at Fountain House in NYC
February 1999 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County opens in the basement of Dubb’s United Church of Christ
April 1999 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County becomes a member of the Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition and since then has been very involved in the PCC (members and staff have served as officers and training instructors)
December 1999 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County temporarily closes its doors and Good Shepherd Work Services becomes sole administrator of the program
April 2000 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County reopens at Dubb’s United Church of Christ
January 2001 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County moves to its present location (1437 W. Gordon St.)
April 2001 – Our first transitional employment (TE) site at The Re-Place is established with 3 TE positions
June 2001—The Clubhouse welcomed its 100th member.
November 2001 – Our newly formed Advisory Boards meets for the first time
October 2002 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County wins the Properties of Merit Award
February 2003 – Our first contract with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation is approved.
January 2004 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County receives its first certification
August 2005—The Clubhouse welcomes its 500th member.
October 2006 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County receives a 3-year provisional certification
September 2008– the Clubhouse sent a group to the three-week comprehensive training at Genesis House. Mary C. and Irene F. attended for all three weeks. Cheryl G. was the third week administrator that joined the team.
February 2009 – Clubhouse begins a yearlong celebration of its 10-year anniversary
July 2009 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County receives a 3-year certification
May 2010—The Clubhouse welcomes its 1000th member.
October 2011 – Clubhouse staff and members attend Employment Summit in Washington DC
July 2012 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County becomes part of Goodwill Keystone Area
September 2012- Josh W. and Christine W. went to colleague training at Genesis House in Massachusetts. They were joined by GKA administrator Cheryl G. in the second week.
March 2013 – Clubhouse of Lehigh County receives another 3-year certification
October 2013— CLC sent a team to St Louis for the Clubhouse International World Seminar. Christine W, Matt P., and Steph V. represented the Clubhouse.
August 2016— The Clubhouse now supports over 1400 members
July 2017— Clubhouse send a group to colleague training at Genesis House in Massachusetts. Susan D. and Alexis D. attended the two-week training. Cheryl G. joined the team as the second week administrator. Long time Clubhouse director Stephanie V. retired from her position as director. Chris S. was hired to as director of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse participated in the Allentown Halloween Parade for the first time.
May 2018—The Clubhouse welcomes its 1500th member.
January 2019— our Director Chris S. and member Randy T. attended colleague training at Genesis Club in Massachusetts. Cheryl G. joined the team as the second week administrator.
August 2019– our Clubhouse was visited by Matt Reed from Journey House in Utah and Peace Cambria, New Reflection House in Utah for our accreditation. Our Clubhouse received a full three-year accreditation.
November 2019– the Clubhouse celebrated its 20th Anniversary at the Pines Dinner Theater.
March 2020 – Clubhouse closed for three months due to the COVID pandemic. Chris, Flor and Hannah stayed working to provide meals to members in need. Members could pick up meals or they were delivered to their homes. These three staff also made reach out calls to ensure members were safe and their needs were being met. The Clubhouse reopened with safety guidelines in June.
March 2022— the Clubhouse shut down the regular work ordered day and created work groups to clean and maintain areas of the Clubhouse that required extra attention. Groups washed the dining room chairs, painted the walls in the upstairs hallway, and much more. Clubhouse members and staff participated in a paint pouring event as an activity this month. We also had an intern from Muhlenberg College this semester Emma P who helped create a “resource Ridge” at the top of the stairs. Members now have easier access to many resources to help them in their recovery process.
April 2022– the new CEO from Goodwill Keystone Area, Ed Lada visited the Clubhouse to see all of the amazing things that happen in our building.
May 2022— The Clubhouse was recognized and honored to be a part of Goodwill Keystone Areas “State of The Art” event that was held at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem. This formal event allowed many Clubhouse artists to display their work for the community. Troy S; Kristen V; Lisa M; Hilda G; Lisa P; Nicholas L; Diane W; Kayla B; Will W; all contributed to the over 120 pieces that were on display that night. We also honored State Representative and Clubhouse Advisory Board Member Mike Scholssberg for all of his contributions to the Clubhouse over the years.
September 2022— The Clubhouse of Lehigh County returned to the Clubhouse International World Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland. Kristen V, Kory P, Diane W, ad Debbie R all represented the Clubhouse with honor and enthusiasm.
August 2023— Clubhouse send a group to colleague training at Genesis House in Massachusetts. Kory P. and Diane W. attended the two-week training. Chris S. joined the team as the second week administrator.
March 2024— The Clubhouse welcomes its 1900 member.

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Clubhouses welcome individuals, regardless of ability and diagnosis, into an environment that promotes care, respect, and fair treatment.