The Clubhouse of Lehigh County

The Mission of the Clubhouse

Our mission is to offer persons with mental illness a safe and healing environment wherein each person is given the opportunity to explore their personal and vocational potentials to their fullest and to receive support in achieving their goals.

What is a Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is first and foremost a local community center that offers individuals with mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential. Much more than simply a program or social service, a Clubhouse is most importantly a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal. The Clubhouse of Lehigh County is modeled after Fountain House, the original Clubhouse established in 1948.

The Clubhouse model embodies the belief that persons with mental illness can be productive and successful in both the workplace and their personal lives. A Clubhouse is a community intentionally organized to support individuals living with the effects of mental illness. Through participation in a Clubhouse, people are given the opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, important work, employment, education, and to access the services and supports they may individually need.

A Clubhouse is a restorative environment for people who have had their lives drastically disrupted, and need the support of others who believe that recovery from mental illness is possible for all. A Clubhouse follows The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. The standards are consensually agreed unpon by the worldwide Clubhouse community, define the Clubhouse Model of rehabilitation.

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The condition of good physical and mental health. To help our members, Clubhouse offers healthy noon time meals, a monthly menu planning and a fun social program.

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The Clubhouse offers members the opportunity to reach their goals by helping them take advantage of adult educational opportunities in the community. We also provide an in house educational program.

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If you have any ideas where we could look for part-time positions that fit our transitional employment requirements, please contact any staff member at the clubhouse.

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Becoming a Member

In order to become a member of the Clubhouse you must get a Clubhouse referral form, which you can get at the front desk of the Clubhouse, or from numerous referring agencies. Complete the referral form and hand it in. Once your application has been reviewed we will call you to schedule a meeting, after which you will attend a full two day orientation. At the end of your orientation, you will receive a member number.

From then on you are an official member for life, and can come as often as you wish to the Clubhouse. If you have any questions, call us and ask for a staff member from the Business Technology Unit or Chris Stout at 610-433-9910.

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Clubhouses welcome individuals, regardless of ability and diagnosis, into an environment that promotes care, respect, and fair treatment.