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Daily Activities

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Next Week Activities August 19th – August 23rd


  • 10:30 Body and Soul
  • 12:30 Wellness Walk
  • 2:00 Meditation Club


  • 9-2 Orientation
  • 10:30 Current Events
  • 12:30 Wellness Walk
  • 1:45 2 C U Create

4-7pm Pizza/Movie

Incredibles 2


  • 8:30-12pm OVR
  • 9-2 Orientation
  • 10:30 Body & Soul
  • 12:30 Wellness Walk


  • 12:30 Wellness Walk
  • 1:45 2 CU Create


  • 10:30 Body and Soul
  • 12:30 Wellness Walk
  • 2:00 Meditation Club
  • 2:00 Cooking Class


Bake Sale

Please make sure to check in daily as there are always some great goodies being sold at the snack bar, such as pudding dishes, cupcakes, various donuts, brownies, pastellio and more. Make sure to stop by and check out all the great items!

You $2 deposit or cost for all activities is due the Wednesday before the activity is scheduled.

***Reminder to visit the Announcement Section of the Website for other announcements***

New activities are always being added do to member interest.

Daily activities are subject to change.

The Prism – March 2018

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