Current Positions

We currently have 5 TE positions (Goodwill Lehigh St – 1 position, Ritz Barbecue -2 positions, 1 position at the GKA Thrift Store located at 4634 Broadway, Allentown (Off Tilghman St), Ahart’s store on Allen Street Allentown – 1 position). We are currently looking into creating more positions in the near future. So, if you have any ideas where we could look for part-time positions that fit transitional employment requirements, please contact any staff member at the clubhouse.

Transitional Employment News

The Clubhouse offers its own Transitional Employment program, which provides as a right of membership opportunities for members to work on job placements in the labor market. As a defining characteristic of a Clubhouse Transitional Employment program, the Clubhouse guarantees coverage on all placements during member absences.

There is Transitional Employment availability at the following locations:

  • The Goodwill Office on Lehigh Street: This is a part time Clerical position (filing, copying, answering phones, data entry and more).Please see Chris for more details.
  • The Tilghman Street Goodwill Thrift Store: This Production Associate Position consists of working three days per week, 5 hours each day. Please stop by and see Flor for more information about this position.
  • The Ritz Barbecue: The dishwasher opportunity consists of working three days per week, 4 hours each day.
  • There is a second dishwasher position that consists of working two days per week, 4 hours each day. Please stop by and see Susan for more information about this position.
  • Aharts: Cashier opportunity is working 3 days a week with the hours each day being either 4 or 6 hour shifts. This is based on the needs of the Supermarket. Please stop by and see Jolene for more information about this position.
  • Red Robin has come on board and offers a busing and possible hosting position with 12 hours a week. Please see Cynthia for more details.
  • Big Lots is available for cashiering.  We are establishing the hours. Please see Susan if interested.

Supported Employment News

Alfonso S was so doing well at his TE position at the Goodwill store on Tilghman St, that when his TE was completed, he was offered and has accepted a supported position at the store! Jessi completed his TE position and is now working independently at the Goodwill Store in Bethlehem. Zayda G was in a TE and has been hired at Aharts!

Transitional Employment News

Jeff H. and Jim M have accepted a TE positions at the Ritz near the fair grounds and Roberto A will be starting there soon.

Corey P accepted the TE position at Aharts store on Allen Street, and he is doing great!

Tim K accepted the TE position at Red Robin!

Bonnie C. is working hard at Goodwill Lehigh St.!

Travis T is at Goodwill Thrift Store!

How to get involved

We are creating employment profiles for members interested in working. Members can come in and fill out the Profile and Vocational self assessment and it will soon be on our website for your convenience. Just complete the assessment and drop it off at the clubhouse. This will help us to find work suited to the needs of our membership.

Job Board Information: The Clubhouse has a job board outside of the employment room and next to the OVR room. Members are encouraged to check this for employment as often as possible. If you find a position that interests you please feel free to apply on your own or ask staff for assistance. This board also contains information about current job fairs in the area.

Resources: Clubhouse staff and members are also good resources for employment opportunities. They will help you with computer job searches, resume writing and completing online job applications.

Member Testimonials: Members interested in Transitional Employment need to be registered with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Please see any staff for the application or contact OVR directly (Jenan Barghouthi) at 610-821-6441 ext 3106.

Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

The Clubhouse and OVR have been working together since February 2003. OVR works with the Clubhouse helping our members to secure employment and return to school. Our contract with OVR allows us to bill for approved Transitional Employment services. Our current OVR Counselor is Jenan B. She is at the Clubhouse usually every Wednesday from 8 AM to noon, unless otherwise notified.

OVR provides vocational rehabilitation services to help persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain or maintain employment, OVR provides services to eligible individuals with disabilities, both directly and through a network of approved vendors. Services are provided on an individual basis. The OVR counselor during face to face interviews, assists customers in selecting their choice of vocational goals, services and service providers. An Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) developed, outlining a vocational objective; providers and responsibilities – certain services are subject to a Financial Needs Test (FNT) and may require financial participation by the customer, Counseling and guidance, diagnostic services, assessments information and referral, job development and placement and personal services such as readers or sign language interpreters are provided at no cost to the individual. Also, by law OVR customers receiving Social Security benefits for their disability (SSI, SSD) are exempt from OVR’s Financial Needs Test.

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