Word Ordered Day

The Work Ordered Day of a Clubhouse is the cornerstone by which everything gets completed.  It involves members and staff collaborating to perform meaningful tasks, fostering a sense of community and purpose. This includes all work needed to run the Clubhouse such as administrative tasks, meal preparation, marketing, fundraising, information technology (IT), and vocational activities, promoting a therapeutic environment.

The Clubhouse of Lehigh County is made up of 2 units:

Culinary Arts Unit

TEAM unit

The TEAM Unit (Technology, Education, Employment, Administration, and Maintenance) responsible for our Daily Blurb and e-blurb are done along with our monthly newsletter which can also be seen through the link on the “Daily Activities” page on this site. We also update the Clubhouse website on a daily basis. We try to have this done by 10:00 am. Many clerical tasks, including typing, filing, database entry, billing and many of the monthly reports needed are generated in this unit.

Another function of this unit is education and employment. We have computers in our main hub that are set up to teach everything from Mavis Beacon (A Typing Teacher) to member-run classes on everything from computers to resume writing. We also assist with employment search and preparation to applying for employment.

In addition to the work in the unit we capitalize on the skills, talents and interests of members and staff, enabling Clubhouse to complete many different projects throughout the year such as Gardening, Wellness Day, and many more. We look forward to implementing many new and different activities throughout the year like, Yoga, Art, Dance, Music and Exercise.

If you have not been to Clubhouse in a while, we invite you to come and join us and get involved in all the wonderful things we have happening at Clubhouse.

Meet the TEAM Unit Managers:
Kory P. – TEAM Unit Manager

Kristen V.- TEAM Unit Manager

Rich M. – TEAM Unit Manager

Culinary ARTS Unit

The Culinary Arts Unit is responsible for managing our Clubhouse Café, preparing and serving the daily lunch, as well as food service management. We maintain a full service kitchen that is licensed by the Allentown Health Department. This includes the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the environment inside the Clubhouse kitchen and café.

The members and staff in this unit are committed to learning how plan and prepare new healthy meals regularly to share with the rest of the Clubhouse. Members also have the opportunity work side by side to learn how to manage our snack bar with the cashier and barista positions. We love to cook here at our Clubhouse. With the help from all, we learn various dishes that are culturally diverse and many family recipes. The culinary unit is always looking for new ideas that we can make and serve for lunch. Members also have the opportunity to learn how to place orders with various vendors to purchase food or other culinary related items.

Additionally, this unit also manages our Clubhouse Thrift Store. Come to the second floor of the Clubhouse to see what treasures you may find. We have clothing, hats and gloves, plates and bowls, glasses and cups, and much more. We are always excepting donations. All items are washed before being stocked. Items are minimumally priced. All proceeds from the Thrift Store go to fund our Clubhouse Activities.

The Culinary Unit also houses our social and recreational activities.

Our lunches are served at 12:00pm daily. The cost for a lunch is $2.00 and you receive very generous portions. Members and staff can order lunch in person at the entrance way to the Club Café following Unit meetings or they can call in their order until 10:30am each day. In order to call in an order, call (610)433-9910×206. You must leave a clear message that includes your name, date, order, and call back phone number.

Meet the Culinary Unit Managers:

Flor L. – Culinary Arts Unit Manager

Michelle M. – Culinary Arts Unit and Employment Manager

Maria P. –  Activities Assistant

Lora K. – Activities Coordinator

Christine W. – Activities Assistant

Join the Club!

Clubhouses welcome individuals, regardless of ability and diagnosis, into an environment that promotes care, respect, and fair treatment.