Weekly Unit Grids

Starting today, each unit will have its weekly unit grid published. They will describe for you the type of work available in each unit. On the extreme left side of the grid, you will find ongoing activities for both the morning and afternoons. The other columns list other tasks that will take place in each unit.

Some of the items listed are in the grids are available not only at the times listed, but also may be available at other times during the work-ordered day. Please check with the unit manager or unit buddy.

The Clubhouse of Lehigh County is made up of 2 units:

Culinary Arts Unit


It is in this unit where our Daily Blurb and e-blurb are done along with our monthly newsletter. We also update the Clubhouse website on a regular basis. Many clerical tasks, including typing, filing, database entry, billing and many of the monthly reports needed are generated in this unit.

Another function of this unit is education and employment. We have computers in our main hub that are set up to teach everything from Mavis Beacon (A Typing Teacher) to member-run classes on everything from computers to resume writing. We also assist with employment search and preparation to applying for employment.

Most of the art work seen around our house originates from this unit. If you have not been to Clubhouse in a while, we invite you to come and join us and get involved in all the wonderful things we have happening at Clubhouse.

Meet the TEAM Unit Managers:
Kory P. – Clubhouse Unit and Placement Manager
Kristen V. – Clubhouse Unit and Placement Manager

View our Daily tasks:

  • Billing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Newsletter Creation/Editing
  • Daily News and E News
  • Job Reports/Binders
  • Library Updates and Maintenance
  • CLC TV Production
  • Wellness Weekly
  • Orientation Scheduling and Power points

Special Unit Tasks Business Technology Unit:

  • Mindful Mondays & Integrated Meditation
  • Production of The Mirror Art Magazine
  • Production of The Prism Newsletter

Culinary ARTS Unit

The Culinary Arts Unit manages our Clubhouse Café, prepares and serves the daily lunch, as well as food service management. Flor and Michelle are excited to have members that are committed to the work order day in learning how to do the dishes and cook the lunches every day. Members also learn how to run the snack bar, with the cashier and barista positions. We love to cook here at the Clubhouse. With the help of all we can plan our menu planning better and learn how to have a healthy style of eating. The culinary unit is always looking for new ideas that we can make and serve for lunch.

If you have not been to Clubhouse in a while, we invite you to come and join us and get involved in all the wonderful things we have happening at Clubhouse.

Our lunches start being served at 12:00 every day. Remember to order your lunch here at the Clubhouse from 9:30 am- 10:30 am or call in to extension 206 by 10:30am every day. Also come and join us for our Healthy Class every Mondays and Thursdays in CLC café at 10:00am. We also help with deliveries that come for the kitchen, and grocery shopping when it is needed. Come join us in the culinary unit! Everyone is welcome!

Meet the Culinary Arts Unit Managers:

Flor L. – Placement and Culinary Unit Manager
Michelle M. – Employment and Unit Manager

Clubhouse Young Adult Transition Program (CYATP)

Our Young Adult Transition Program focuses on young adults ages 18-21 to help to plan for what their next steps will be after graduation. This program is open to any Lehigh county resident ages 18-21, who is currently enrolled in high school, college, or other educational institution, who have a primary mental health diagnosis. We work with members to navigate their vocational and educational interests.


  • Career exploration
  • Work-Order Day program to develop job skills in the Clubhouse units
  • Resume building
  • Filling out applications
  • Transitional Employment (TE) positions through Clubhouse


  • Researching different programs and institutions
  • Applications to programs
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Peer tutoring
  • Campus tours

Independent Living Skills:

  • Creating monthly personal budgets
  • Balancing a checkbook
  • Transportation Education
  • Housekeeping and hygiene

Join the Club!

Clubhouses welcome individuals, regardless of ability and diagnosis, into an environment that promotes care, respect, and fair treatment.