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Wellness: The condition of good physical and mental health. Research shows that if you are diagnosed wth a mental illness, you have a 25 year earlier mortality rate and are at higher risk of diabetes, heart and lung disease and obesity. To help our members, Clubhouse offers healthy noon time meals and a monthly menu planning (where members have a say in planning our noon time meals), a fun social program (evening activities every Thursday and every other Saturday). We are also open certain holidays.

We can help you with locating needed community supports in such areas as entitements, housing, education and quality health care.

Once monthly (January – October), the Clubhouse offers a “Cheers for Peers.” This is a meal that staff & colleagues prepare to help members celebrate their accomplishments during the past month. It also offers an opportunity for members who work or go to school to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, tell us what is new in their lives, hear an interesting speaker or take part in an interesting activity.

Self Enrichment Groups: The Clubhouse also offers a number of other group activities:

Current Events Group: Gets together every Tuesday morning to discuss local current events and how they could effect our community.

Activity Planning: Monthly meeting where we plan our social activities.

Clubhouse Players: Members and staff who create and write an annual production performed by Clubhouse members.

Body & Soul: Refreshing and rejuvenating program that offers breathing, stretching, exercise and yoga three days a week for about 20 minutes per session.

Publications: Monthly meeting to discuss our newsletter, daily blurb and other publication ideas.

Recycling: Monthly meeting used to discuss if the Clubhouse is doing enough about recycling, and what more we can do.

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Clubhouses create a world of caring and respect in which people with mental illness are no longer society’s outcasts but are genuinely wanted and needed.

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